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Make life easier.

Wash, sterilise and dry baby bottles and articles, ready to use in 20 minutes. Get the convenience, timesaving and confidence that the WSD provides.


Say goodbye to the hassle and hazards of manual baby bottle preparation. Parents deserve a better option for less stress and more time with their babies.

What we do

We’re changing the way parents think about baby bottle preparation

Manual washing and preparation of your baby

bottles are a thing of the past.

In 25min, washes, sterilizes, and dries your bottles,

at a touch  of a button. Enjoying peace of mind.

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Washing of baby bottles can represent a real struggle

for many parents. It is a daily chore that takes time.


Preparing baby bottles involves the manual washing of several small parts, drying them on racks that take up premium counter space, and then sterilizing them, usually in a steam sterilizer.

Out of a sterilizer they are wet and need to be dried again.


Depending on how many bottles a baby needs per day, a

parent might need to repeat this process up to 4 times daily.


Most parents are hesitant to use a dishwasher for the baby’s bottles because it uses harsh soap, because of fear of cross contamination between baby bottles and other items

being washed, also the dishwasher takes too long.


The problem & The solution


HELPPO WSD is a multifunctional device for new parents that combines washing, sterilizing, and drying of baby bottles and other articles into one automated process, at a touch of a button.

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WSD System
WSD - Wash, Sterilise, Dry.png


The WSD is a countertop appliance for washing, sterilising and drying baby articles such as feeding bottles, bottle accessories, pacifiers, teething toys, cups, plates and utensils.

The appliance can also wash, sterilise and dry other baby products such as baby plates, cups and utensils.


The device allows any combination of the wash, sterilise or dry function to be selected for a program.

The articles to be treated are placed in trays that slide out of a main washing chamber that is opened by a front door. The trays are modular, with detachable mounts for baby bottles or plates.


A removable maintenance chamber is provided that can house 3 assembled bottles and keep them sterile. The maintenance chamber can be attached to the top of the device connecting to a hot air intake, maintaining the bottle sterility as long as required.

It is a standalone device, requiring access to an electrical outlet but no plumbing or drain hoses. The device receives 2L of clean water from a top located filling port and discards the used water in a removable waste water tank. Dishwasher specific detergent and rinse aid can be used in the WSD.  

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User Manual9.jpg
User Manual12.jpg
User Manual11.jpg


WSD incorporates an embedded clean water tank, with a filling port on the top of the device which is ergonomic, efficient, and user-friendly.

The device receives 2L of clean water from a top located filling port.

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Clean water
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The device does not required plumbing or drain hoses.  It discards the used water in a removable waste water tank and user could empty it into the sink.

Waste Tank


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Hero Shot .73.jpg
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Sliding trays for easy loading simplify the loading of dirty baby bottles and articles. The trays can be easily pulled out, enabling users to place items on it without having to make many actions.



The front door allows users to have direct access to the washing area. This makes the process more convenient and efficient. Users can easily interact with the washing area without any inconvenience, enhancing the overall user experience.



WSD can be designed to accommodate additional elements on its top surface, particularly in situations where there is no upper countertop available. This design consideration allows for optimal utilization of space and ensures that the WSD remains functional and practical in various environments.


In the absence of an upper countertop, the top surface of the WSD can be designed to feature integrated elements such as dirty or clean baby bottles or other baby articles. By incorporating these elements, the WSD maximizes the available space and creates a self-contained area in case someone needs it. This design approach is particularly useful in settings where countertop space is limited.

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The WSD can sterilise 6 disassembled baby bottle sets in 20 minutes. The maintenance chamber allows to keep another 3 assembled bottles sterile and ready to use at any time.

The Maintenance cycle runs continuously for 8 hours or until the chamber is removed or the device is turned off. The bottles become sterile 20 minutes after the Maintenance cycle begins and remain sterile for an additional 20 hours after the cycle is interrupted.

User Manual25.jpg
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Quick & Easy

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Helppo Appliances Ltd (HELPPO) is a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative devices that make life easier for young families. HELPPO is a start-up company established to develop and commercialize a range of products for baby care, personal care, and home care markets.

All HELPPO products are intended to make life easier for parents.

About us & Contact us


T: +357 25253077 M: +357 99459426

37 Spyrou Kyprianou Ave, 4154
Limassol, Cyprus

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